Fighting poverty through education, health care and community outreach
"Be the change that you want to see in the world." – Mahatma Gandhi

We believe that Human Excellence is the most important resource required to enable the impoverished to break the cycle of poverty. 

Human Excellence is the ability to discriminate between wrong and right and the courage to adhere with the right.  It is a process and a journey.  It requires continuous introspection, improvement and implementation of our value systems in the daily life. It requires understanding of us as individuals and our role in the society.  It is the driving force to mobilize our internal & external resources to make ourselves and the world better.

It is critical that we understand the infrastructure of the poverty itself. What causes one to become poor? Why is it so difficult to break the chain of poverty? What impact does the poverty have on the human psyche, self esteem and basic dignity? How can one empower the poor to break this chain? 

It is only through dedicated individuals and careful planning and execution that precious resources can be put to productive use.  The correct analogy would be that of riding a bicycle.  The rear wheel that provides the traction represents the financial resources.  The front wheel that guides the bicycle represents the commitment to human excellence.  Both are essential to make the journey a successful one.

In Eastern Uttar Pradesh, India, the Singh Family Foundation has established a 2.5 Acre campus that includes the following institutions to accomplish its mission:

  1. Jangi Singh Girls’ Intermediate College (JSGIC)
  2. Anand Singh Institute for Computer Applications (ASICA)
  3. SFF Center for Graduate Scholarship
  4. Medical Clinic for Chronic Diseases
  5. Community Outreach Center
We also assist other humanitarian centers that meet our vision and strategy guidelines.